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Fields of Psychology

fields of psychology If you're interested in a career that will empower you to help people, a psychology degree is a good first step. Learn more about careers in the following subfields of psychology:

Educational Psychology

educational psychology degree An educational psychology career offers a variety of rewarding career paths. If you like working with kids and young adults and want to play a key role in improving the quality of education, getting a degree in educational psychology is a positive step in that direction.

Family Psychology

family psychology degree Family psychologists work to help families overcome their problems and improve their relationships. Learn more about the role of family psychologists and what you'll need to know to get started in this challenging but satisfying career.

Industrial Psychology

industrial psychology degree As an industrial psychologist, you'll help companies to boost employee satisfaction and increase their efficiency. Find out what it takes to succeed in as an industrial psychologist. Learn more about job responsibilities, salaries, career outlook and more.

Sports Psychology

sports psychology degree Sports psychology is a relatively new field in psychology that is gaining momentum due to rising interest in personal fitness and well-being. Understand athletic performance and help bring about a positive mental approach to sports by getting your training in sports psychology.

Child Psychology

child psychology degree Child psychology and developmental psychology involve studying the behavior and cognitive development of human beings as they age. As a developmental psychologist you will be trained to help people during the different stages of their lives. Learn more about careers and training in the field of child psychology.

Forensic Psychology

forensic psychology degree Forensic psychologists combine their knowledge of the judicial system with psychology expertise to aid law enforcement agencies, attorneys and the courts in apprehending criminals and determining fair outcomes in a variety of cases. Find out more about jobs in forensic psychology.

Social Work

social work psychology degree Social work can be highly fulfilling career for those with an innate sense of compassion and justice. Find out more about social work careers, from which degree to pursue to what kinds of salaries and job growth you can expect.

Clinical Psychology

clinical psychology degree With opportunities in clinical psychology advancing rapidly, the need for qualified clinical psychologists is ever increasing. As a clinical psychologist you will play a pivotal role in shaping human well-being. Find out more about what it's like to be a clinical psychologist.

Counseling Psychology

counseling psychology degree If you're interested in helping people with a wide range of needs—from career counseling to drug rehabilitation, and anything in between—learn more about counseling psychology degrees and careers. Find information on salaries, job outlook and more.

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